50% Discount on Villa Begur August 2018!

We can offer the week starting 25th August to our Facebook and blog followers for a 50% discount. That is €2450 from €4900 for the week for a sleeps 13 people in comfort, surely a prefect end to the Summer holidays?

Have a look at this virtual tour if you need to be persuaded...

If this does not work on your browser or phone try these suggestions on the Matterport site.

If you are interested in the virtual tours of your own  property, our son Henry will be offering his services creating 3D tours like the one above in the Kent and London area, as well as around Begur. His website is here.

Mackerel escabeche recipe and last week of the Summer 25% discount offer!

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Villa Begur 25th August for 1 week - 25% discount!

Villa Begur has one week free this Summer holiday and we have decided to offer it to the followers of our blog and Facebook page with a 25% discount! €3675 for an amazing villa with its own pool that sleeps 13 people.

We are currently here and I can assure you it is incredible, Britain may be hot this Summer but the views are not like this!

The view of Islas Medes

The view of the beautiful Islas Medes - taken from the villa

Please contact us if you are interested

Pete's Mackerel Escabeche

I am lying slightly on this title as the recipe really belongs to the lovely Montse or the wonderful June (Pete's mum) who both cook it superbly. Escabeche is a mediterranean marinade that can be used to cook almost anything. The Spanish love to use it on oily fish like mackerel or sardines but also use it for chicken and rabbit. The only ingredients that are vital for a escabeche are onions, flour and wine vinegar. The rest can be adapted and tweaked as you wish. This recipe is for Mackerel, which in Begur is particularly delicious as the fish you buy in the fish monger in the evening is fresh from that days catch. This dish should be prepared at least a couple of hours before you wish to eat it.

Ingredients - for 6 people (ish)

1kg of mackerel - gutted and heads removed


white whine vinegar

3 large onions


a fresh chilli

red peppers

olive oil


bay leaves


Raw Mackerel

fresh mackerel


  1. Coat the mackerel in flour and add some salt
  2. Fry the mackerel in olive oil until it is brown both sides, do not cook throughout, should take a couple of minutes each side
  3. Remove the mackerel and put it aside to use later
  4. Slice the onion, chilli and peppers and fry in some more olive oil in the same pan that you used for the fish
  5. Once the onions and peppers are soft, add the mackerel back into the pan
  6. Add a 50:50 mixture of water and white wine vinegar until all the fish is covered
  7. Add a few peppercorns and maybe a few bay leafs
  8. Cook for a couple of minutes and the turn off the heat
  9. Cover and leave to stand for a couple of hours

Serve with plenty of fresh bread as the best bit of this meal is the dipping! (mojar as the Spanish say)

Mackerel Escabeche

Villa Sa Riera – 40% off for the week starting 14th July

We have one week left in Villa Sa Riera in the peak Summer, as there is only two weeks until travel and some schools are not off yet, we have decided to discount it by 40% to €2940 for the week. The villa has 6 bedrooms and sleeps 13 people comfortably. Have  a look around using our virtual tour or check out our youtube video below.



Pete’s sea food paella recipe and special offers from Begur Villas

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Last minute bookings
The Summer bookings have gone very well this year and we only have one week left in the peak period, if anybody wants the week of the 14th July for 1 week, we can offer it for a 20% discount.
I know it is really last minute, but both villas are free from this Saturday (16th June) for a week. If you can get our there at such short notice, grab a bargain as we can offer a 50% discount, that is €1312 euros for an amazing villas that sleeps up to 12 people!

Pete’s Paella Recipe 

There are as many paella recipes as there are people who cook paella, mine is loosely based around the ones my family cooked when i was a kid in Madrid. The ones we had usually had some pork, as well as sea food (never Chorizo, Jamie Oliver!) 
Because Claudia is a pescatarian, this one subsititutes the pork with fresh tuna.
I am a firm believer that the secret of a good paella comes down to three things
  1. A good stock - paella is primarily a rice dish and rice doesn’t have a lot of flavour. If you use a stock cube, that’s what the paella will taste of.
  2. Don’t stir - the difference between paella and risotto is cheese and starch, to release the starch you stir risotto The texture of paella is different so, after the initial quick stir, leave it to cook slowly. That is why they use a wide shallow pan.
  3. Use good quality fish and seafood - kind of obvious but you don’t actually need a lot of seafood so buy good stuff from the fish monger, it really makes a lot of difference. The fish monger in Begur is excellent.
I adapt amounts depending on how many I’m cooking for, but the left overs warm up well so I tend to err on the side caution and make too much!
I am assuming a decent sized paella in a pan around 18 inches wide which will feed 8-12 people. The villas sleep 12 so we tend to cook in quantity.
1kg rice
Olive oil
Frozen cooked Atlantic prawns in their shells (for the stock) about 500g - defrosted
8-10 large good quality raw prawns in the shell (to decorate the top)
2-3 large squid (or more smaller ones)
A fat tuna steak (about 2 inches cut from the fat end of the loin, ask the fish monger, they often open a fresh one for this)
500g of mussels
300g of clams
A large carrot
2 large onions 
2 red peppers
A handful of olives
1 teaspoon Turmeric or pinch of saffron, my Spanish family usually use “colorante” from Spanish supermarkets which is mostly turmeric 
Time to prepare including stock - 1 hour 
Time to cook - about 25 minutes
The first job is to peel the prawns (the small cooked ones, not the large ones). Put all the shells into a large sauce pan and the peeled prawns in a plate to use later. Add around 1 litre of water to the pan and bring to the boil, them lower the temperature and simmer for at least half an hour.
While the stock is simmering I like to prepare all the other ingredients. This recipe lends itself to TV show style cooking, and having everything peeled and chopped makes it much easier than chopping as you go along. So while the stock is cooking, I do the following
  1. peel and grate the carrot
  2. peel and chop the onions into small pieces
  3. chop the peppers into slices, getting rid of the core
  4. clean and cut the squid into rings and the tentacles into small pieces
  5. clean the mussels and clams and remove the beards
  6. Chop the tuna into cubes that are about 1 inch squares
40 minutes or so before I want the food I start the fun bit
  1. Heat some oil in the paella and add the onions peppers and stir - cook for about 5 minutes until it starts to soften
  2. add the squid and shallow from for a couple of minutes
  3. add the rice and grated carrot and more oil if needed, you want to fry the uncooked rice for a couple of minutes, while stiring so it doesn’t stick.
  4. add some of the stock from the saucepan and the turmeric or safron, enough to cover all the rice, I usually add about half of what was in the pan
  5. Lower the heat and spread rice so it is equally spread over the paella pan, on a barbecue I would raise the level above the fire here. No more stirring from this point!
  6. After it has cooked for about 5 minutes, start placing the tuna chunks around the pan and arranging the mussels and clams. I like to arrange the mussels, hinge down in a circle and arrange the other stuff around them.
  7. about 5 minutes later put the large prawns on in a circle, all facing the same way.
  8. The prawns and tuna will need to be turned once to make sure they are cooked both sides, so lift occasionally and flip them when needed.
  9. As the rice cooks, you can move the pan, and shake the pan (use a tea towel as paella handles get hot), but remember, no stiring! If you get a bit of burning on the bottom, lower the heat and don’t panic, the burnt bits are many people’s favourite.
  10. When the rice is nearly done, turn off the heat, sprinkle on some olives and the small cooked prawns you put aside after peeling them for the stock. Cover with a tea towel and leave to sit for 5 minutes while you reward yourself with a glass of wine.
Place the paella pan in the centre of the table and when the guests are all sat down, whip off the tea towel to thunderous applause.
Serve people a small amount on their plate and encourage them to help themselves to more.
Wine pairing - goes well with a full bodied white wine like an anbariño or an aged white Rioja but don’t be scared to have red wine with it. The flavours are strong and a chilled red Rioja is what my Spanish father would have.

Begur Villas – last minute offers and GDPR

We have some last minute availability in both villas in May and June, If you book with 4 weeks of the first day of your booking we offer a 10% discount, within 2 weeks, the discount is 20%!

You can check what is available here 

If you have not yet seen them, the 3D walk throughs of the villas are amazing, you can  explore every room and even walk around the outside. Choose your room before you travel!


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3D Walk throughs, floor plans and doll’s house views of our villas !

We have created some 3D models of our villas using Matterport technology. Click on the links below and see the intro videos after which you can look around the villas or explore the plans or dolls house views. If you can not see the models on your browser try these suggestions on the Matterport site.
Villa Begur
Villa Sa Riera

Villa Sa Riera now has a heated pool!

Villa Sa Riera is in the process of having pool heating added. We will soon have an environmentally  friendly air source heat pump and a safety pool cover which will keep the temperature of the pool to your ideal level without compromising on safety. To use the heating there is an extra charge of €95 to cover the electricity costs. This addition makes the villa perfect for guests who wish to avoid the busy period at the height of Summer. You can check the availability here.
If we have last minute availability and you book with 4 weeks of the first day of your booking we offer a 10% discount, within 2 weeks, the discount is 20%!

Final Summer week at Villa Sa Riera – 50% Discount

We have one week left in the Summer holidays at Villa Sa Riera and it is over the bank holiday weekend. From the 26th August for a week we are offering Villa Sa Riera to our blog and Facebook followers with a 50% discount! That is from €4,900 to €2,450 for a beautiful 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa which sleeps up to 13 comfortably making it perfect for two or even three families.


The pool area

We have lots of new photos of the inside of the Villa now that the final pieces of furniture and wall decor are in place. We have also redone the Video with some newer footage. You can see more at www.villasariera.com

Using the Outdoor teppanyaki hot plate at Villa Sa Riera

We have been in Villa Sa Riera enjoying the outdoor Teppanyaki hot plate and thought it may help future guests if we wrote a quick blog post with instructions on how to use it. 

It is as easy to use as a regular barbecue but, like an ordinary kettle barbecue, will get hot around the edges so please warn little ones to keep away when it is hot. To use it, just light a fire inside it.


We have plenty of wood which you are welcome to use or, if you prefer, you can use charcoal. It will take about 45 minutes to get hot enough to cook on, less with charcoal.
For wood - use cardboard under some kindling, or pine cones with smaller logs on top and larger logs on top of them. For charcoal use a fire lighter under the coals.
Before you cook on the grill, while it is still hot, pour some oil on it and, if it needs it, scrape any remnants from previous uses into the centre, then reapply the oil. The hot plate is designed so the oil runs slowly into the centre rather than onto the floor.
At this point you can either put the grill on top and grill like a regular barbecue or what is more fun is cooking directly on it. You can, of course, do both! Bear in mind that food tends to cook much quicker on the grill than the hot plate. We have left two pairs of pliers to  get the grill on and off when it is hot, it is heavier than it looks so please take care. 


Try prawns, fish, meat, vegetables, even fried eggs!
We tend to put vegetables like peppers, onions and courgettes on first with some oil as they take about 40 minutes to get properly soft, then we pile them up in one area to make room for the meat, finally the fish and prawns are usually very quick to cook.


It is simple to clean, food scraps and excess oil go into the fire - all you need to do is drizzle some more oil on it when it is hot and scrape the remnants into the fire. It is a good idea to use a paper towel to give it a wipe while it is still warm.

Ash can be removed (obviously once it has all cooled down) using a dustpan and brush, without removing the plate.  
There are more ideas on this website http://ofyr.nl/en/


2 weeks left in August in Villa Sa Riera – up to 30% Discount

We are having a wonderful holiday in Villa Sa Riera, the sun is shining, the outdoor Tappenyaki hot plate is getting lots of action and all the kids are having a great time. 

We still have two weeks free in the Summer holidays from the 19th August to the 2nd September and we are going to give a 20% discount for one of the weeks or a 30% if you take them both. The usual price is €4,900 per week so the new discounted price is €3920 for one of the them or €3430 per week if you take both. Don't forget the villa has 6 bedrooms and 5  bathrooms and sleeps 13 so is perfect for two or even three families.

For more info on Villa Sa Riera please take a look at our website www.villasariera.com


Peter and Claudia


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