Boat rental in Begur

We have been using the wonderful people at Begur Boats for boat rental for years and highly recommend them. They have a large collection of boats from both Aigua Freda and Fornells, both of which are a short drive from Begur Villas. This year we purchased a boat from the parent company Nautica Borrat and the service has been fantastic.

From Begur it is a short hop to The Islas Medes, the  Mediterranean’s only protected nature reserve. Due to its special status you can not anchor there but there are buoys that can be used.

If you fancy a longer trip, the beautiful town of Cadaques is about 30 miles north of Begur but is quite difficult to get to by car. It is, however, a very lovely trip by boat and takes about an hour. The buoys can be rented for a few hours while you enjoy a wander around the town or have lunch in one of the fabulous restaurants.

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