Charging an electric vehicle at our Villas




Long story short - we provide everything you need to charge your Tesla Model S, 3 or X at 7kw (32A). 


Both Villa begur and Villa Sa Riera have a 32A three phase commando socket which can , in theory charge a Tesla at 22kW. In practice an adapter such as a juice booster is needed to get such fast charging and it is likely to put a strain on the domestic supply and possibly trip a fuse. Getting 7kw, however, should be easy.


To work with a standard UMC we have provided adapters in each villa to go from 32A three Phase to 32A Single phase - we have one of these in each villa.


The above combination will allow you to charge the car with the UMC that was supplied with all Teslas until Jan 2019. We also have a Tesla UMC which we leave in the villas in case you do not have one.

The newer UMC, supplied by Tesla since Jan 2019, only has a 16A commando plug, so we have bought a couple of 32A 7kw blue commando adapters so clients can use their UMC if there is any issue with the one we have.

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